FIT CREW = Fun, Motivation & Support.

This is not a military “Bootcamp” or an intimidating gym. No mirrors, no judgements.


We welcome all new Crew Members with open arms. Sessions cater for all fitness levels, ages and are under the expert eye of our superstar Personal Trainers. Best of all, you will enjoy exercise (no seriously, you will).

FITCREW Guarantees results.

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Serra BurminFeatured Trainer

Serra Burmin

Meet Serra

Serra “the pocket rocket” Burmin may be small in stature but packs a mean punch! As a Boxing specialist, ballet dancer and animal lover, her training style has the perfect mix of compassion and “toughness”! With a truckload of body transformations under her belt Serra loves helping people who are new to exercise and watching them change before her eyes.

Featured Trainer

Jaims Burns

Meet Jaims

Hailing from the mother country Jaims is your typical cheeky pom. With bundles of fun energy to motivate you and keep you entertained plus armed with an arsenal of qualifications to get you in shape in a jiffy. Jaims is a resistance and nutrition specialist (and a bit of a crowd favourite).

Featured Trainer

Richie Phillips

Meet Richie

Richie is a true fitness Guru who lives and breathes the stuff. Think footy coach with a laidback Kiwi style -perfect to get the Group pumped up and create the right team environment to make friends, socialise and achieve your results together.

ReneeFeatured Instructor

Renee Milne

Meet Renee

Stretch, bend and breathe away your worries with our resident Yoga Instructor. Renee will clear your mind through meditation and change your body with her Yoga techniques.