Who hates jumping on the scales? Us too.

The scales do not tell you how much fat you have lost, muscle tone you have gained and certainly don’t tell you how great your butt looks in those jeans.

img-your-progressWe use state of the art tools to show you how much your hard work is paying off to keep you motivated, in spite of those nasty scales.

Our Personal Trainers will track your progress over time and encourage you to take before and after shots so you can be extra proud after you go through your transformation.

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FIT CREW memberships include: 

  • Body Composition Assessments to show you just how much the hard is paying off
  • Fitness Assessments to spice things up and drive your motivation


At FIT CREW we use the latest non-invasive technology to show you just how much your hard work is paying off and your body is changing. And of course, your results are kept private. Our Personal Trainers will provide with a report on your body fat %, muscle mass, hydration levels, metabolic rate and other important “stuff” which tells us a lot more about your body than your weight.

Body-Composition-Body-FatLosing weight is so 1999. These days its all about losing fat. Reducing your body fat is not just about being able to squeeze into your favourite outfit, it is important for cardiovascular health, blood pressure and reducing your risk of diabetes.


Body-Composition-Body-WaterWater is contained in every cell, tissue and organ and is 45%-65% of your total body weight in healthy adults. Pretty important stuff. It effects everything from your skin, energy to how efficiently you body burns fat – pretty important stuff right?


Body-Composition-Muscle-MassMuscles are the key calorie burners in the body. They are responsible for driving your metabolism making it easier to shed the kilo’s while giving your body a better shape. In fact, an increase of 1kg of muscle mass burns an extra 1/2 Kg of fat each week. So get off the treadmill and lift something heavy!


Body-Composition-DCI-BMRDCI = Daily Calorie intake or BMR/Basal Metabolic Rate shows us how many calories you burn in a day. This helps to plan your diet and exercise regime for success.



Body-Composition-Bone-MassBone mass improvements are a direct result of exercise and stronger muscles. Low bone mass and density places you at risk of Osteoperosis so it’s worth keeping an eye on. Resistance training is the key to creeping this one up.


Body-Composition-Visceral-FatVisceral fat, more commonly known as the “beer belly” features prominently in Aussie culture. But its no laughing matter and nothing to be proud of – it is strongly linked to cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes and a host of other serious health issues. High Intensity Interval Training has been shown to directly reduce this.