We believe in eating, not dieting.

Who has gone on a fad diet only to put all of the weight back on, and then some?

Our Personal Trainers will provide with the nutrition support you need to lose weight in the healthiest way possible so you keep it off, finally!

Eating Plans

We will educate you on how much to eat, what to eat and when to eat. Our Eating Plans will have you eating more, but weighing less. Sound too good to be true? Its not. Its all about working with your metabolism and choosing the right foods.

Who wants? 

  • Easy to follow flexible EATING plans
  • Eating guidelines to help boost your metabolism
  • Educational Supermarket Shopping Tours
  • Nutrition Seminars All as part of your membership!

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Eating plans are designed to suit a range of dietary requirements and goals. Crew members will receive an eating plan that is specific to their goals.


  • Cheat meals and days included so you have the chance to let your hair down
  • Guidelines and replacement meals to give you variety and flexibility
  • 4-6 meals a day so you are never hungry
  • Focus on metabolism boosting so as you burn fat while resting and keep the kilo’s off!


We don’t just give you a plan, we educate you so you can do it on your own and maintain your results for life. Once every 6 weeks we will run seminars so you are learning all their is to know about eating.

Popular seminars include: 

  • Supermarket shopping tours
  • “Low Carb diets”
  • “Eating out – the do’s and dont’s”


On top of the seminars and eating plans members will receive ongoing education via email and by becoming a Fan of our Facebook Page.

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